Italy’s Amateur Film Archive

Profile and activity

Italy’s Amateur Film Archive is the first Italian institution for the preservation and enhancement of the rich audiovisualamateur heritage, still unpublished for its main portion, coming almost exclusively from families and non-professional contexts, and until recently wrongly considered minority. Home Movies is today the only organization in Italy of study and collection of amatorial film materials throughout the nation, able to grant the preservation of the original audiovisual patrimony in appropriate rooms.
The archive collects and disseminates an hidden heritage, preventing dispersion and oblivion. This includes family films, but also documentaries and fiction films - often made by skilled amateur filmmakers -, works of experimental and independent filmmakers, scientific films and other materials. In most cases these films document the everyday live of people who visually record their holidays, trips, collective rituals, public events, work, landscape.
The audiovisual documentation, private and unpublished, from the Archive collection is therefore a huge and extraordinary representation of Italian history, a heritage that is increasingly published and disseminated through projects and initiatives. Numerous scholar researches had the Archive as subject and many film and art productions already used the images, in particular for the production of documentary films. From the archive materials Home Movies also produces, independently or in partnership, cross-media and audiovisual products, editions of films, documentaries, installations.
Since 2008 Home Movies is member of the European network INEDITS, while the Italy’s Amateur Film Archive in 2011 was declared by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiBACT) "significant archive of historical interest".



Activities and events dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the amateur and family audiovisual heritage.

Archivio Aperto 2015

VIII Edition of the Amateur and Family Film Festival. Bologna, 23.10-05.12.2015.

Play the City RE

Explore an unusual Reggio Emilia through amateur film sequences in a tour that will bring visitors in the same places where they were filmed.

Formato ridotto

Episodic film based on the attempt to rewrite and put into narrative form the amateur images, in collaboration with the authors Ermanno Cavazzoni, Emidio Clementi, Enrico Brizzi, Wu Ming2, Ugo Cornia.