Italy’s Amateur Film Archive

From film to digital

Main task of the Archive is the inventory of the films, and then the conservative processes included the digitization. The original films, in agreement with the owners and except for exceptional cases, are deposited inside the spaces of the Archive. Located in the former convent of St. Matthias (now (Istituto per la Storia e le Memorie del 900 Parri E-R), in the city-center of Bologna, the Archive is equipped with temperature and humidity controlled rooms, ideal for the proper preservation of the films.
The HD digitizations, obtained through specific scanning system, provide a high quality product and are then used as historical and iconographic sources by the Archive.
The HD digital copy of all the deposits is then returned to the owner, preferably via USB or hard drive (or alternative media on request), and will allow people to enjoy those family memories often inaccessible because of the obsolescence of the devices.

[Owners are asked to fill a form on films, author and topics, to help the describe and catalog of the historical and social context of the audiovisual materials]


Wish to recover your family film anche share them as collective heritage?