Italy’s Amateur Film Archive

Contributor's Guidelines

For a long time the Home Movies Association has fully taken charge of the high costs of processing the filmic material collected in the Archive. Being at the moment unable to further support this trend, we are forced to ask the holders to share part of the costs of the processing and storage of the films.
For cases of particular historical and archival value, we will acquire in any case the audiovisual material even in the absence of economic contribution, undertaking to allocate resources to avoid the dispersion of significant funds.
Therefore, do not hesitate to submit the materials in your possession!
If you hold amateur or family films and would like more information please contact Home Movies by e-mail at, if possibile detailing:
- format (9,5mm Pathé Baby, 16mm, 8mm, Super 8, other),
- number of elements,
- diameter of the support or length (in meters) of the films,
- year or period of the footage,
- contents.

NOTE: For those who have already deposited the films in the Archive without having already received the digital copy, the previous agreements will be applied. We are completing the backlog.