27.10 - 2.12.2017

Archivio Aperto marks the tenth year in the evolution of Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia (National Italian Home Movies Archive).
A full overview of this year's program:
The Italian landscape by car as shot by amateur filmmakers, a theme offering incredible visual richness starting from the program’s inaugural screening.
Experimental and artistic cinema, cultural heritage of immeasurable value reinforced by the activities at Home Movies through screenings of footage not seen since the time of its creation. An incredible story told by two 8mm films shot during World War II, only to be developed seventy years later— eyewitnesses to be deciphered in the present day. Also featured are formerly unpublished films of everyday life in the Golden Age of Sarajevo and Yugoslavia roughly twenty-five years following the onset of conflict.
A tribute to special guest Gustav Deutsch, the international master of found footage filmmaking, with a double focus on his reuse of home movies.
Also included are Italian documentaries made with images drawn from the Home Movie Archive that deal with themes inseparable from contemporary society.
Among other things, there are many ideas on a final note for the Italian Cinebox and the French Scopitone. The Juke-box with videoclips of family memories will also be playing again for AA2017!
Someone once said that Home Movies is the “garbage dump” of history, and that is a compliment: an idea that has been forgotten because it is obsolete and deemed no longer useful re-surfaces as archaeological and historical gold in a future era. Someone also argued that Home Movies is the “regenerator” of History, and this is also true, because in these ten years we have learned that the archive often puts the emotions, thoughts, and actions of our contemporaries back into motion.

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Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia
via Sant'Isaia 18
40123 Bologna, Italy
Tel.: (+39) 051 3397243

All the initiatives are free, except for those marked with (*), for which the access conditions of the places that host them must be expected.

Friday, October 27 - 9 pm | Live Cinema

The View from the Road

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20
Sonorizzazione di Corrado Nuccini / Giardini di Mirò + Giuseppe Cordaro

Filming from the car has been an ongoing obsession for many amateur filmmakers since the first home movie cameras. At Archivio Aperto we will see a wealth of camera-car, views from the car and views of the road, material that permits us to travel through time and space to discover the beauty and variety of the Italian landscape. From a 1949 visit to a FIAT factory to two trips through the 50s and 60s—first from South to North and and then from North to South—these moving images, accompanied by live music, will take us to a place suspended between past and future.

Saturday, October 28 - 7 pm | Projection / Installation / Talk

Ugo Locatelli // Immagini lunghe, 1972-2017

Spazio Labo' - Strada Maggiore, 29

An event centered on a reenactment of various works created in 1972 by the artist Ugo Locatelli: three Super8 and 8mm films (Noi sappiamo, Tempo di lettura, Meta), and an installation of eleven photographic images (Aree e Tracce - Portable Exhibition). Locatelli's artistic research (Bruxelles, 1940) has always been oriented toward a systemic art, which is realized through a living network of connections between thought and the gaze. Showing his work in the 1972 Venice Biennale was a turning point in the career of the artist. The talk will be introduced by Jennifer Malvezzi. This event is held in collaboration with Spazio Labo'.

Sunday, October 29 - 10 am to 5 pm | Home Movie Day

A Day in the Archive

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

Opening day of the archive to the public. Home Movies operators will be available for free advice (by appointment) on the conservation and recovery of small format audiovisual family memories (9.5mm, 16mm, 8mm and super8). Guided tours will be held at noon and at 3 pm. This event is free of charge. For booking please write to (spaces are limited). Selections of recent archive work will be screened throughout the day.

Sunday, October 29 - 5 pm | Talk/ Projection/ Installation

Cinebox e Scopitone, the ancestors of videoclip

The big hits of the Sixties music... In 16mm! Event dedicated to Cinebox and Scopitone: they were kind of coin-operated visual-jukeboxes, equipped with short films (3-minute 16mm films, 40 films for the Cinebox and 36 for the Scopitone). They were spread during the late Fifties and the early Sixties, by leaving their mark on the history of Italian and international popular music, and we will see them working again! Curated by Rossella Catanese. In collaboration with Clinica del Coin-Op; special thanks to Roberto Marai.

Sunday, October 29 - 9 pm | Projection


Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

A program that includes film screenings (on different analogue formats) exploring the uncertain boundaries between the "amateur" and the "experimental", prepared for the 63° Oberhausen Film Festival. Among the films are some rarities and masterpieces from the underground italiana, such as Valentino Moon (Gianni Castagnoli, 1974), Ezra Pound a Venezia (Massimo Bacigalupo, 1967) and Idea assurda per un filmaker (Gianfranco Brebbia 1969).

Monday, October 30 - 6 pm | Meeting/ Projection

Sarajevo mon amour

Slobodan Fazlagic is still quite young when he begins filming his family, friends, vacations, and the city under his home balcony in 1965 Sarajevo. These unusual 8mm documents on daily life in Yugoslavia in the Sixties and Seventies will be screened with the attendance of the filmmaker.

Tuesday, October 31 - 6 pm | Meeting / Projection

Eyewitnesses: 8mm Fragments from the Second World War

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

Two 8mm ghost films shot by an unknown operator and then lost in the war. Seventy years later, the negatives are fortunately recovered— still in their canisters — to be developed and digitised by Home Movies. The images that emerged despite the lengthy passage of time are faint but for the first time visible: smiling German soldiers, an Italian hillside landscape, a historic villa, a hospital, perhaps an orphanage, a group of nuns and children. A mystery that emerges from the oblivion of history, one that we will try to unveil. In collaboration with the Istituto per la storia e le memorie del Novecento Parri E-R.

Wednesday, November 1 - 6 pm | Meeting / Projection

Impressio in urbe. Films of the City, Between Analog and Digital

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

A meeting dedicated to the long-time and ongoing research that Home Movies conducts on the “Filmed City” and the urban landscape, during which we will preview Giuseppe Spina’s Impressio in-urbe (#1 Bologna) produced by Nomadica, Home Movies, and Accademia delle Belle Arti. A reflection on the material texture of urban space between the digital image and Super8.

Thursday, November 2 - 7 pm | Projection

The Nature of Things by Laura Viezzoli (2016)

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

An emotional and philosophical immersion in the period of existence at the end of a life ,captured through a year of dialogue between the director and the protagonist, a terminal patient of the SLA. The film centres on an encounter where the immobility of the body contrasts with the formlessness of mortality. The archival images introduce the viewer to the mind of someone who loves life but knows he will have to leave it shortly. An ode to listening and to free will. The film, produced in collaboration with Home Movies, will be presented by the director.

Friday, November 3 - 8.30 pm | Meeting / Projection

Between Realism and the Avant-Garde. Cineguf and Italian experimental cinema between the two wars (1930-1943)

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

This program showcases a small selection of the vast cinematic productions of Fascist University Groups (Cineguf), with works by Ubaldo Magnaghi, Mario Bencivenga, Renzo Renzi, F.Lli Chierici and Luciano Emmer. Cineguf's experimental cinema, shot with small gauge film, fully expressed the tensions that animated 1930s and 40s Italian cinema, those between the pursuit of realism in the arts and avant-garde modernism. Copies from Home Movies, Cineteca Italiana, Cineteca Nazionale, Camera Ottica, Cineteca di Bologna, and Istituto LUCE. Edited by Andrea Mariani. In collaboration with AIRSC - Associazione Italiana per le Ricerche di Storia del Cinema (Italian Association for Cinema History Research).

Saturday, November 4 - 5.30 pm | Projection

Artist Film Workshop // Image Inverts

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

Directly from Australia, a 16mm film program featured by the experimental film production centre Artist Film Workshop. AFW operates in a laboratory and collective context and has recently focused on investigating experimental film practice with techniques considered obsolete. The program will be introduced by Giles Fielke and Madeleine Martiniello.

Saturday, November 4 - 9 pm | Projection

Home Movies Atlas. Tribute to Gustav Deutsch

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

The special guest of Archivio Aperto 2017 is Gustav Deutsch, who is internationally renowned as a master of found footage filmmaking. His work appears to us like a "school of seeing" for film material and its archives. The program, presented by Deutsch himself, features the masterpiece Adria Holiday Films 1954-68 (Film–School of Seeing I, 1989), as well as Sat. 29th June / Arctic Circle (1990), no comment - minimundus AUSTRIA (1996) and Private Sandnes - A Kinematographic Atlas (2010). All films are 16mm copies from Sixpackfilm. This event is in collaboration with Nomadica.

Sunday, November 5 - 10.30 am | Workshop

How we work (on home movies). A workshop with Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

A unique occasion for approaching the work of an author who transcends the common perception of what defines cinema. This workshop focuses on two of Deutsch’s films from the program: Home Movies Atlas and his most recent film How we live. Messages to the family. We discuss these works in regard to the images of migrant peoples and their journeys over the last century from one place to another in search of a home. Home Movies Archive is a partner in this project; portions will be screened alongside film material found through research conducted by Deutsch together with Hanna Schimek. This workshop is in collaboration with Nomadica (info at

Friday, November 10 - 8.00 pm | Projection

A Western Without Horses by Davide Rizzo and Marzia Toscano (2016)*

Cinema Lumière - Via Azzo Gardino, 65

A Western Without Horses is the story of Mauro Mingardi, whose films are housed by Home Movies. A craftsman as well as a passionate filmmaker, Mingardi created films over the course of fifty years depicting his vision of Bologna: horrors, thrillers, westerns, and auteurs films reinterpreted from an extraordinary personal perspective. Repeat screenings: 11.11 at 6 pm (Lumière), 13.11 at 8 pm and 15.11 at 6 pm (Sala Cervi, Via Riva di Reno 72).

Saturday, November 11 - 3 pm | Meeting/ Projection

Home Movies School: The world in Small Gauge

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

A presentation of the results of a project completed by Laurea Bassi High School in Bologna and Home Movies. Winner of the ” Io Amo I Beni Culturali” competition, presented by the IBC (Regione Emilia-Romagna).

Saturday, November 11 - 5.30 pm | Meeting/ Projection

Home Movies School: Time for Super8

Home Movies - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia, 20

At the end of the seventies an interesting and innovative pedagogical experiment was conducted by high school students in Bologna. With assistance from of their teachers the students created a series of Super8 films entirely curated by them from concept to projection. Giuliano Ortolani, various project collaborators, and some former student participants will be present at the meeting to share their memories of this model initiative with the public. In collaboration with the Istituto per la storia e le memorie del Novecento Parri E-R.

Saturday, November 18 - 10.30 am to 6.00 pm | Conference

Amateur / Experimental. Restoration Practices and Curatorship of Small Gauge Cinema

Sala Conferenze, MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Via Don Minzoni, 14

A day devoted to studying the practices and methodologies of restoring and presenting small format experimental films. Through the presentation of materials, research, and projects, we will trace state-of-the-art archival conventions employed by institutions, associations and independent organisations. In collaboration with MAMbo - Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (Please register for this event at

Sunday, November 19 - 5 pm | Meeting / Projection

Young Yearning. Part Three: Pratello TV

PraT - Teatri Comunità, Via del Pratello, 53

Our third encounter with the Bolognese countercultural scene of the early nineties. This instalment includes screenings of material on the experiences of Pratello TV, a neighbourhood television channel that in May 1992 broadcast for two days straight as a "live TV experiment”. In this broadcast the boys and girls who occupied flats along Via Pratello, the long-time inhabitants of the street, Cavalla Cavalla, and anyone who wanted to participate gave birth to one of the first examples of street TV in Italy. Projection and meeting by Diego Cavallotti and Lino Greco. In collaboration with Teatro del Pratello, within the project "Coming from the West".

Friday, November 24 - 10 pm | Live Cinema

Floris Vanhoof/Lieven Martens // Refreshment + Duet for Electronics and Bats*

Raum - via Ca’ Selvatica, 4/d

Floris Vanhoof and Lieven Martens present an unprecedented collaborative project that intersects the work of two indisputable protagonists of the Flemish experimental school. Post-cinematic archeology of early media mixes with wild ethnomusicology. In collaboration with Xing.

Monday, November 27 - 2:30 pm | Meeting / Projection

Gianni Toti: The Poetronico’s Archive

Accademia delle Belle Arti - via delle Belle Arti, 54

A meeting dedicated to the multi-faceted artist Gianni Toti — a self-ascribed “poetronico”— and his world-sweeping incursion in the early eighties into electronic language accompanied video-essays, video poems, and “videoPoemOpere”. In collaboration with La casa totiana, Poetronicart, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, a part of MetaCinema.

Wednesday, November 29 - 8 pm | Projection

I’m in love with my car by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi (2017)*

Cinema Lumière - Via Azzo Gardino, 65

The car has marked more than a century of human history. The dominance of the car as a means of transport has changed the way of life—our means of nourishment, movement, and imagination—in human society. The car more than any other object has modified humans anthropologically and changed their perception of the world. A documentary that brings the theme of AA2017 full circle. Introduced by Roberto Grandi.

Saturday, December 2 - 4 pm | Meeting / Projection

Paesaggi in movimento

Sala Conferenze, MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Via Don Minzoni, 14

For the end of our program we return to the theme with which we started: the landscape viewed from a car, a topos from the origins of amateur cinema, a motif that continually comes back to us through visions of a country that appears as unreal to us as a dream. How do we activate these images in the contemporary landscape? Surrounding this material drawn from the research of Home movies will be the vision of curators, artists, directors and those who are simply curious. In collaboration with MAMbo - Museum of Modern Art in Bologna.